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A brand-new Volkswagen Jetta 2016 is at CATCAR

CATCAR has arranged a brand-new Volkswagen Jetta for you!

It is always a pleasure to rent the latest model of a new car. You do not have a feeling like it was used by someone else before you. Plus, it is way easier to maintain such cars in good condition than cars released 5 or 10 years ago.  That is why CATCAR always tries to renew vehicle fleets with the latest cars. And one of them is ready to please our customers – it is Volkswagen Jetta released in 2016! It is an incredible car that can be called “intuitive” thanks to its specifications. The slogans are “Features to move you forward” and “Don’t pass up a chance for peace of mind”. Its Driver Assistance features will make you love driving the way you have never loved it before! Everything can be for the first time. Rent a Volkswagen Jetta 2016 – and you will never dream of driving another car!

Volkswagen Jetta 2016 Rental is Always a Pleasure

Here you can see the basic specifications of this model before making up your mind about your favorite rental car. First of all, they are its smart features:

  • Sensors of the Blind Spot Monitor feature alert you when another car is getting closer;
  • You can select Android and iOS apps for turning on a smartphone Hand-off feature;
  • The most comfortable seat adjustment for yourself, including the armrest!

Technical specifications of the car are also impressive. All this makes us come to the conclusion: renting a Volkswagen Jetta 2016 is the best option when choosing between a luxury SUV and an economy car.