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A New Service in Spain: Car Rental for 1 Euro

The Spanish car rental company DriiveMe has set a shocking price for its services – only 1 euro. It is unbelievable but this price, which is far from current rates, even includes an insurance coverage. All a renter has to do is just to pay for fuel and tolls.

The service from sunny Spain is also available in France and is popular among local population and tourists. Almost half a million customers have already used this service. Luckily for people who live in other European countries, the company’s management has decided to expand its activities outside Spain and France.

Car Rental for 1 Euro – A Success Story

The idea of setting a minimum rental price of 1 euro came to the founders of this company almost 5 years ago. Nowadays, the company cooperates with more than 500 vehicle rental companies well-known in the European market. The main goal of such a large-scale activity is to be able to balance the large fleets of its partners and offer customers a profitable opportunity to travel by car almost for free. The cooperation with DriiveMe allows transport companies to significantly reduce expenses on vehicle transportation, fuel and paying off drivers because the DriiveMe customer delivers the vehicle to its destination for a symbolic price of 1 euro.

How to Rent a Car for 1 Euro

You can become a customer of the popular service by visiting company’s website or by downloading an app on your smartphone. Those who want to rent a car sign up on the website, specify the date and time of renting, pick-up and drop-off places – and the service searches the best option. Of course, you need to consider the fact that you may not find a car for the date you need it, however, it doesn’t stop Europeans from using an amazingly cheap service.

The manager of DriiveMe believes that the company’s services are made not as much for people living in Spain as for tourists. In the circumstances of the relentless rise in prices for airplane and train tickets, renting a car for the price of a cup of coffee is rather tempting.