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Advantages and disadvantages of a carsharing

Carsharing is the service which is gaining popularity in Ukraine very fast. But it is still little familiar to the modern Ukrainian car enthusiasts who have a set of questions. In this article, we will explain the main pro and cons of this service before standard taxi services.

Сarsharing disadvantages

The first and most serious is the fact that you are driving. Therefore, the motorist is responsible for personal security, any fine and for vehicle safety. It is not so easy to get an insurance. The deductible in the Comprehensive Insurance is limited to 20K UAH in a standard package. If you want to get a zero excess insurance it is necessary to pay more.

The other moment with hidden mechanism is how the company takes money off your card. Scratches, attrition, paint chips you are obligated to pay for it as well as for parking tickets. Pay attention that all the bills, as parking ones, will come addressed to the service provider and can be withdrawn from the account retrospectively.

Advantages of a carsharing

Along with the disadvantages, described above, it should be noted also a number of advantages which can’t be provided by any taxi. The user who rent a car pays only for the time of real using rented car and kilometers. This service excludes need of purchasing of the expensive personal transport for the staff of the company. The world practice has examples where vehicle fleets of the large companies completely consist of the vehicles leased on the terms of a carsharing. Using carsharing services the large companies are free from constant filling the cars, watching their technical condition and other nuances.In other words, if there is a request for the car from a certain employee of the company – he receives a completely prepared vehicle if no, there is no need to pay for service, an insurance and other.