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All Vehicles in the Cities Will Be Automated By 2040

According to the reports of a large consulting company PwC, artificial intelligence will greatly change life worldwide in the next two decades. Among the analyzed industries, the transportation one showed significant positive changes. By 2040, public transport will become autonomous, and 26% of all cars produced will be self-driving.

Artificial intelligence will be able not just to change vehicles but also make them more effective. AI-powered cars run only when necessary and in the most rational way.

It is easier to keep an eye on the robot-assisted transportation system and eventually it will reduce overall crime rates. It will be managed by AI at a certain level, in other words, robots will control robots. The global coordinating transport module will correct the operation of local segments by distributing routes according to traffic congestion and the need for each and every district.

PwC predicts that 22 years would be enough for all transport automation technologies to run seamlessly and to form a common ecosystem. Even today, there are many different effective automation solutions; however, the goal of having centralized safe management is far from being achieved.

In addition to the technical aspect that affects the development of transport, there is another one, not less important, – the legal aspect. The development of technologies to some extent affects people’s lives. Sometimes there is a need to define the rights and restrictions on the use of technology. To not beat around the bush, it is enough to have a look at the situation in the world regarding drones. For instance, the UK government has already been working on a bill limiting drones flying over certain facilities; also, they are preparing to equip the police with tools to deactivate quadcopters that violate the law.

PwC believes there is enough time until 2040 to develop certain technologies and create a complete legislative framework.

Switching to self-driving vehicles will be uneven all over the world: starting in the developed post-industrial countries, then in the capitals and cities of developing countries.

Experts consider the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence as an inevitable and irreversible stage in human development. Sooner or later, the machines will take over most of the routine and management-related work, and by that time we need to decide what to do with free time and energy.