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BMW and Daimler will introduce their conjoint carsharing service

Recently in the car industry world has passed the rumor that Daimler AG and BMW are going to unite the carsharing services. Car2Go and DriveNow, and this new enterprise will receive independent management. It is evident that this decision has been made to fight against the Uber. But, at the same time, this services are low-quality and receive more and more complaints in these days.

Car2Go is a project which was started by the Daimler AG company. With its help, the motorist can take various models of Mercedes-Benz cars and Smart for a short-term renting. The vehicle fleet of the company contains more than 14 000 cars which are in 26 cities of Europe, the USA and China.

The DriveNow project appeared a few years later, in 2011. At the origins of the company stood the BMW corporation and Sixt which being engaged in car renting. At the moment vehicle fleet of the company includes 6 000 cars which are actively leased in Europe.

The new company will receive the fresh software from BMW. It is about the ParkNow application. It should be noted that ParkNow is brand new interactive service from the BMW company which gives the chance to the motorist to find vacant places to park their cars without wasting time for the search. In addition, the technology covers not only places in a parking, but also the area at a border. Also, it is possible to connect the app with other popular services which are present at packages of automobile manufacturers.

We will remind that services of a сarshering are developing very fast all around the world. And Ukraine, in this case, is not an exception. In many big cities of the country, it is already possible to find quite practical and developed networks of car rental with conditions favorable to clients.