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Car Rental Abroad: Booking In Advance or On the Spot?

A traveler, who goes abroad and doesn’t want to accept the fact of not having a personal vehicle, should know the details of car rental in other countries. According to experienced tourists, there are nuances of car rental abroad. The earlier you book a car, the cheaper the service is; the longer the rental period, the less you pay per day; delivery and booking on Sunday increases the standard rate. The rental prices are higher for drivers under 30 years old. The service also costs more if delivery and booking are carried out in different cities.

Car Rental in Advance or On the Spot – What to Choose

Experienced tourists, who rent cars, recommend avoiding online payments. Booking a vehicle using your computer or smartphone includes a lot of not always necessary options for which you overpay. Moreover, most of the companies have large vehicle fleets, so there is always a chance that there will be a needed car which will save up to 50% of the standard rate. When choosing a vehicle, customers have to take into account the surrounding terrain, so that they don’t get stuck on the mountain serpentine or rough terrain.

You can book a car anywhere in the world using your phone or computer. However, it is recommended to book it on the websites of well-known companies to protect yourself from dishonest and shady agencies. You can also search a car on the special portals known as aggregators that have many thousands of offers. Such portals are much more convenient than single websites of individual companies because they offer price comparison and the opportunity to choose the best offer. A full prepayment by a renter is required to confirm the booking on the aggregator sites. Besides, you can find a real customer feedback and reviews about the quality of service and technical condition of cars.

The Deposit Amount When Renting a Car Abroad

When renting a car and receiving keys to it, the customer has to put on a deposit. Its amount depends on the amount of security deposit and it varies between $200-$300 in Egypt and a thousand euros in Europe. The amounts are indicated free of tax charges and are valid for the most affordable cars in terms of rental. You can pay a deposit in cash or by a credit card. You may not even pay a deposit at all if you pay an extra charge for all risks insurance policy.

By knowing all the nuances of car rental abroad and payment for this service, tourists can feel more confident and make objective decisions when willing to use this service.