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Car Rental vs. Taxi: what is more profitable?

Renting a car has become more popular than getting a taxi!

During the independence period, the car rental service has gained an incredible popularity on the roads of Ukraine. You can rent a car for your personal use just for €5 a day. There are elite cars such as Ferrari and Porsche in the fleets of large companies.

This is a story from a program on the 2+2 channel

After giving his car for long-term repairs, a car enthusiast Alexander replaces it with a temporal one. According to him, renting a car is no longer a luxury. Moreover, a rented car during business trips or frequent moving is way cheaper than taxi services. For instance, Alexander’s new mini-car costs him only 150 hryvnas per one day use. The man emphasizes that because of favorable rental terms, he had stopped using his own car for far drives. He just rents a car for these purposes.

“I never drive my car outside my native region. If necessary – I travel by train or plane, and then I rent a vehicle – this way it is way more profitable”, shares Alexander with his experience.

Of course, cars of a middle segment are the highest demand among our page visitors. And you don’t have to return a car to the pick-up place; you can deliver it to another city as well.

One should note that:

  • rental price can vary from city to city;
  • contract terms can vary greatly depending on the season or other factors;
  • rental on requests in advance will cost you way cheaper.

“By calling one day earlier, car rental for a couple of days can cost €46 per day, but for 7 day-use the price will drop by 25 %. The most popular vehicles can cost up to €75-80 per day. Business- and premium-cars for Ukrainians will cost up to €500 per day. However, these cars are of little use for frequent business trips, rather just for a show off”, says Natalia, a manager of one of the leading car rental firms.

“Such cars are preferred by businessmen and statesmen for, let’s say, going to negotiations”, says Sergei, a senior car rental employee.

Nowadays there are more than 100 companies in Ukraine that offer their rental services to anyone who wants. The demand for this kind of service has been growing daily, and today the Ukrainians rent more than 40 cars a day.