We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.

Car renting for legal entities

The car rent for legal entities is a service which allows various companies with a different kind of activity to resolve a logistic issue by means of a rented car. There is a lot of situations where the leased transport of CATCAR company is useful:
• the car is necessary during a certain period of a year: your business has seasonality, therefore to buy a car and keep it tuned up is not a profitable investment;
• the firm develops too quickly, that’s why there are many tasks where everything is solved too long without transport, and also there are more powerful investments than own car;
• after analysis of expenses for maintenance and purchase of vehicle fleet, the organization considers more favorable to rent cars, for this reason, they try to obtain the most beneficial conditions from car rental companies.

Renting the car, the legal entity gets also a number of advantages, as follows:
• you may not  worry that business will stop if the car breaks or is involved in a crash: we will be able to identify the substituted car quickly till the issue with the rented transport is resolved;
• you don’t need to service a leased car – we will do all this for you. For example, we will remind you when it is time to replace oil and other components of the car;
• you will get full-service support from our company;
• in case of damage of the vehicle, you will not sustain severe material losses on its restoration, your losses will be at the level of a franchise, and these are from 0,5 to 1,5% of the amount of the damage, depending on the type of insurance of the car;
• costs which the company bears of the rent of transport are considered in cases of tax assessments.

Our company also gives you an opportunity for flexible payment schedule which is discussed at a stage of the contract signing. Also, we provide our legal entities with a possibility to work with us by installment, if required.

The cost of the car rent depends on many factors, among them there are following:
• duration of the period for which you are going to rent the car;
• approximate monthly run;
• destination and road condition where you are going to operate the vehicle;
• the quantity of the necessary cars;
• payment method.

These are the main criteria which influence the cost of car renting.