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Carsharing is getting more and more popular in Russia – A short-term car rental for short city trips

A popular European service has been in use in Russia since recently – a short-term car rental for trips around the city. More and more people prefer this service compared to getting a taxi or buying their own car.

A short-term rental is like having your own car that saves you the trouble.

This service is perfect for people who need a car for a certain period of time. For example, during working hours, for 24 hours or on weekends. You pay according to the plan of the selected package. Please note that car delivery  by the customer is not included and charged additionally.

What makes carsharing different from other types of rental?

Carsharing it is a car hire but on rather interesting terms. The service makes it possible to rent a vehicle for a certain period of time or even for a few minutes.

The service is widely-spread in many European countries but here it is known by a small number of people. The cost of a short-term rental is affordable to a person who has an average income.

The problem of traffic congestion is common in large cities. People who live in megapolises often complain that there are a lot of traffic jams and parking is expensive. There is another option – a park-and-ride when a driver leaves their car in the parking lot near the metro station or near traffic junctions and then goes to work by tram. The solution can be a carsharing service, i.e. car rental for a short time.

When you should not use carsharing

This service has its drawbacks. Do not use carsharing if:

  • You do not drive a car well;
  • You are careless (there are often signs of previous renters left inside the car);
  • Your smartphone battery has run out (you need a phone to manage rental and chargers are not always provided in a car);
  • There is not enough money on your credit card (all companies have their own system of imposing fines for late payments);
  • There are often large traffic jams on the highways (and the per-minute payment will cost you way more than getting a taxi).

If you are interested in carsharing, then definitely leave a comment below. This service may be available in our cities soon as well.