We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


CATCAR – Auto repair shops and car rental in Kherson

CATCAR – best auto repair shop and car rental

A big city means traffic congestion not only in rush hour, busy roads and dangerous situations. Accidents occur in Kherson every day. Following traffic rules is not enough to avoid getting into the risk zone. You also have to make sure your car is in good condition and passes technical inspection in time. CATCAR auto repair shop can help you with repair, inspection, diagnostics, and keeping your vehicle in good condition.

Car service in Kherson provided by CATCAR is for all kinds of cars: services from minor to major repairs. There is equipment for repairing of different nature in large storage units: tire replacement, repairing running gear, paint, and varnish services, cleaning the interior. Mechanics have experience with various types of cars: from domestic economy cars to foreign 4×4 SUVs.

The low average cost of auto repair shop services is explained by the simplicity in solving almost any problem. Even a serious breakdown will be repaired in a few days thanks to professionals working with CATCAR.

Why should you choose  our auto repair shop services ?

  • Reasonable prices for high-quality repair;
  • Large staff of experienced employees in various fields;
  • There are available tools for repairing and diagnosing damages of different types;
  • Your car is in safe hands.

Moreover, the company offers a fleet of its cars for rental when your car gets repaired. Do not lose mobility in a busy city. Rent a car and keep on track!