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Chevrolet Volt We Already Have An Exclusive In The Car Rental Market

Chevrolet Volt – A great economy car option!

Since electric cars are pricey and considered to be a Western thing, they are not in great demand like the cars we are used to, e.g. diesel, petrol, and gas-powered cars. We are conservatives after all, so we have a hard time getting used to innovations. It is even not that easy to find charging stations for electric vehicles in Kherson and Mykolaiv. But it is possible! That is why given the opportunity, we have decided to bring over a significant and remarkable American in a car rental – Chevrolet Volt! And it is a 2014 model. Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured. So, do not miss the opportunity to give this car a try at CATCAR!

Chevrolet Volt Rental – It is something you have never experienced before!

An American multinational corporation – General Motors – positions this model as an electric car. When in fact it is a hybrid. Yes, the primary one is a traction electric motor which has 149 horsepower! There is also a four-cylinder petrol engine. It is a 1.4-liter engine which has 84 horsepower. It complements the primary one by charging it with its power, i.e. the engine, in fact, generates electricity but “doesn’t rotate wheels”. At least for this specification, renting a Chevrolet Volt is worth every penny and efforts that we have put in making it possible for our customers to drive it. Give this electric car a try – it is definitely worth it!