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Climate of Ukraine: it is useful to know for automobilists

The temperate continental climate with an obviously expressed seasons is proper to the most part of Ukraine. Some areas of the southern region are close to subtropical climate. The geographical location influences strongly the temperature and behavior of weather: traditionally the northwest part of the country assumes damp cyclones and anti-cyclones from the Atlantic Ocean while the droughty air masses from Asia affect the southeast regions.

The average temperature in January throughout the country is from 2 to 10 degrees below zero, and the average July temperature varies between + 20 and + 25 degrees. The annual amount of precipitation strongly changes depending on a location. In the west of Ukraine, especially in Carpathians Mountains, this indicator is 1600 mm while in the Black Sea region – 300-400 mm. At an average, the precipitation throughout the country is about 700 mm annually.

Ukraine is one of the states with a favorable climate. It is rather predictable, stable, and moreover, the remoteness from any centers of tectonic collisions makes impossible the becoming of destructive earthquakes. The strongly pronounced snowy winter (especially in the northwest of the country) and warm summer do Ukraine particularly attractive to tourists. Another situation is with road and recreational infrastructure, but this question is for a separate article.

It is worth noting that the western part of the country is characterized by the most varied weather. First of all, the height above sea level and its contrast influence the variety: flat areas of the region are located at the height of 150 m while mountains – at 2061 m. This factor affects also the average humidity of the air. January temperature is about -7 degrees that is ideal for fans to have an active rest in mountains.

Generally, in autumn there is a gradual transition from the average temperature of +15 °C to +10 °C. This period can take from 25 to 40 days and often lasts to the middle of October: in the country, rather warm soft weather remains. Such days are followed by the sharp contrast between night time and daytime temperature. Sometimes the night frosts with -3 °C are replaced by the sunny days with the temperature up to +12 °C. The period of decrease in average daily temperature from +5 °C to 0 °C falls on the end of October – the beginning of December and it supposes 20-25 days. At this time, the quantity of long heavy rains and fogs increases strongly. On his point, since 2015 the government of Ukraine has brought into action the regime of the switched headlights from October 1 to May 1.

The winter is considered the most unpredictable season, it comes, as well as goes, in the different periods. The characteristic feature of a winter season in the country is thaw period which can occur 2-3 times in a month. The warm air masses come from the West or the South: from Atlantic or the Mediterranean; the Arctic cold air gives cold cyclones to all the territory. In such time, it is very important to use winter tires for your car as summerly bare rubber acts as responsible for the road accidents which are so often observed in Ukraine in the winter period.