We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.

Conditions of car renting for private persons

Our requirement to the clients:
– age 22 and upwards;
– experience of driving more than 2 years;
If you don’t fit these requirements our company can offer you to increase the amount of deposit payment, but just after an interview with our representative. Or the second variant is to get a personal driver.

What paperwork is necessary for citizens of Ukraine to rent a car?:
–  the national passport or international passport  (in original);
–  driver’s license in original;
The documents should be with you to sign a contract.

The paperwork which is required from foreign clients:
– national or external passport;
– driver’s license or international driving permit, with the first and second name, are written in Latin characters

The methods of payment:
– by written order inc. VAT;
-via payment card;
– via bank transfer;
– with cash in the office;
Or you may use the section PAYMENT on our website, where is possible to make an internal or international money transfer with LiqPay system.

The client pays the account (the whole period of using a car) before the travel is begun or while signing the contract. If you want to prolong the time of renting, you may choose any convenient way of payment which was offered by our company. In a case of returning a car before the term, we make a fresh account considering the actual time of car using and then we return the money.

A deposit (pledge) for a car renting
With a payment for renting a car, the client should make a pledge (deposit) in cash in our office. You may pay using any currency (USD, UAH, EUR, RUB). We will return you the same banknotes after successful car delivery. It is possible to make a transfer to company bank account. The money on your card may be blocked (it means that the money just “is frozen” for car renting period and isn’t withdrawn from your card).

All our clients can order a service “Rent a car without a deposit”. The service includes a comprehensive insurance but in this case the cost of rent in higher than base cost. But pay attention that there are definite models which you may rent without a deposit. Contact us to know more details.

The automobile insurance
Each car in our company is insured under conditions of Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL). Full car insurance CASCO is paid independently for every day of using a car due to requirements of a renter. The cost of the service is 100-200 UAH daily. This service is available for cars realized from 2010. Contact us by phones pointed on the site to know more details or visit our office to ask a manager.

The daily mileage and its limit
The daily mileage is limited up to 300 kilometers. For example, you rent a car for 10 days, so the acceptable distance that you can drive is 3000 kilometers. In case the limit is exceeded, every next kilometer is paid additionally (1 hr. per kilometer). We don’t have a service “unlimited run”, but we may offer an individual option and price for a run. For more details contact our managers.

Where to fill the rented car?
To avoid the breakdown of the vehicle, we highly recommend filling the car only on official networks of fuel stations, as OKKO, WOG, Socar, Amic, Shell.

The territory of car using
You may use the rented car all over the territory of Ukraine, excluding uncontrolled regions and directions without asphalt roads. The list of forbidden roads is available in our office or call us to find it out. We don’t allow driving our cars abroad.

The period of renting
The minimal period of car renting is a day (24 hours). The time starts after signing the acceptance and delivery certificate. The permissible delay of delivery is one hour. If the car was delayed for more than 60 minutes and the renter hadn’t noticed the owner then the owner could put a charge as per day of renting.

The car washing
You receive a clean car after complex washing. The renter should return after a complex washing too or may pay additionally 100-150 UAH when delivers the cars. The cost depends on the car model and level of pollution. If it is impossible to examine the car because of pollution, the renter and owner go to the car wash, and just after cleaning they inspect the car.

If you got into an accident in a rented car
The first thing you must do is to call by numbers on the site. Then we will work out a plan of further actions and if it’s possible our representative will arrive at the place of the accident. Each situation is unique, so before calling the police or doing something, we strongly suggest to contact our managers.

It is forbidden:
– to use a car in any kind of sports competitions;
– to use a car as a tow car;
– to deliver any trailers;
– to use as a taxi;
– to use for teaching driving;
– to subrent the car to the third party;
In case of inappropriate actions, the company can rescind a contract ahead-of-schedule on a unilateral basis without returning payment and deposit. If during the renting period the client damaged a car, the liability for damage is completely his responsibility.

Car dropping and receiving

The client takes the rented car at the parking near to the company office:
– Kherson, Ladychuka St. 150
– Mykolaiv, Elektronnaya St. 83J office №7
– Odessa, Kolontaevskaya St. 58

Or in previously agreed place.

The CATCAR company doesn’t provide:
– cars for selling;
– cars for renting as a taxi.

Additional paid services
– full CASCO insurance;
– rent a car with driver;
– Child safety seat;
– GPS;
– car delivery in after-hours.

We can receive or give a car after office hours if it’s agreed beforehand, the cost is 100-200 UAH.

If you have another questions pass to the page FAQ . Hope that you find an answer to the question if no ask us via any convenient way.