We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.

Leasing Conditions

Car leasing conditions

Requirements for a candidate:

Age – more than 22 years old;

Driving experience – more than 2 years.

The necessary documentation:

Original of Ukrainian or foreign passport;

Original of driver’s license, which should be valid on the territory of Ukraine;

For the citizens of Ukraine – original of the identification code.

Issue and acceptance of vehicles takes place near our car fleet at the office of the CATCAR company.

It is located in the city of Kherson at the address: 150 Ladychuka Str., and also in the city of Nikolayev, 83ZH Elektronnaya Str.

Operating hours of the company:

Work days:

Monday – Friday. 09:00 – 20:00;

Days off:

Saturday 09:00 – 18:00

Sunday 10:00 – 17:00.

Сar insurance

Every car in our company is insured under the terms and conditions of compulsory civil insurance liability OSAGO («ОСАГО»). Some cars in the car fleet have certificate of insurance of KASKO («КАСКО»). You can get more detailed information by calling us or asking personally in the office of our company.

The amount of insurance deposit, in other words, deposit money, depends on brand and model of a rented car. In every case it is individual; it is written in the vehicle card. You need to have the deposit money with you when concluding rental agreement. This sum is returned to the Client in case all the conditions of the agreement are carried out. It takes place when the car is transferred back to the Owner.

Beginning of car rental agreement is mentioned in the agreement, that is in the transfer and acceptance act in respect to the car. If you delay with the car transfer for 2 hours or more, you will need to pay for the delay in the amount of daily rent.

The mileage of the car for period of 24 hours is limited to 300 km. Every next km is paid individually, and its cost depends on the specific vehicle.

The amount of fuel in the car at the point of transfer to the Client should coincide precisely with its amount at the point of bringing it back to the Owner.

You can use the rented car within the entire territory of Ukraine. The terms and possibility of using the car on the territory of Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk region are to be discussed separately.

It is strictly forbidden to use the car in any sports competitions, for towage of other vehicles or driving with trailer, as a taxi, and also for teaching other people how to drive a car.

Subcontracting, in other words transfer of the vehicle to the third parties is forbidden. In case of illegal actions the company can dissolve rental agreement before its term ends unilaterally and confiscate the car without paying out any deposit. If during car rent the car received some damages, the customer bears full material responsibility for this.

If you get into a road traffic accident, damage the car or the car is stolen, you are obliged to inform the Owner on the matter via phone within 30 minutes after the accident.

Additional paid services

Child safety seat;

Use of GPS–navigator.