We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


How does a client receive a car?

Firstly, a manager of a company and a client checking on a car: they mark all the defects on a schematic form of a vehicle in the transfer and acceptance certificate. In this very document all the components of a vehicle are noted (a lifting jack, a wheel wrench, a reserve wheel, a breakdown triangle, an anti-theft alarm). Also, you receive technical documents and insurance on a car.

Additionally, a representative of the company makes a few photos of the car condition in the moment of receiving by the client. If the client wants, he could make the photos too. The client gets a car after a complex cleaning.

The Renter should return a vehicle after a complex cleaning or additionally pays a car washing; the price depends on a car type (an average cost is ₴100-150). The process of the car returning to the owner passes with the filling of a special transfer and acceptance certificate. The car is examined one more time to reveal the possible damages after using be the client. If the car has some defects, the renter pays for a repairing. Our company is favorably disposed to such situations: a client pays the minimal market-price for fixing. We hold dear each and every client.

The cars from our car fleet systematically stand the inspection on our own vehicle service station. Every car is examined very carefully before car renting. We constantly monitor the status of the chassis, wheels and general car conditions. Due to the conditions of roads on the territory of our country, our vehicles constantly pass the examination and repair.

1. All our vehicles are insured with the third party only car insurance – this type of insurance covers full compensation for damages to second and third party in a case you were wrong. But it does not extend on a car you have rented, and payment for its repairing is a renter responsibility. The renter is the only one who is responsible for a car damages while he temporary uses a car.

2.Moreover, in our car renting service, you can buy a Comprehensive Cover policy on the period of renting. The cost of an insurance is from ₴100 to ₴200 (apart from the renting cost ). With the Comprehensive Cover the renter is free from payment in a case of a car accident, but under the condition that the cost of damages does not exceed the deposit. The renter should fill all the documents correctly to use the Comprehensive Cover without issues.

It will be required to provide a photocopy or a scan of these documents for drawing up a contract:

— your international passport;

— your passport (that one which was used to cross the board of Ukraine or a passport of a citizen of Ukraine);

— driver’s license.

Of course, you can do it. The conditions are the same as for anyone. Moreover, we organize a transfer from the border. It is possible to realize the order payment using the card of the Russian bank or just hand out to our representative in Simferopol.

The amount of the deposit depends on the chosen car. On our website, you will find up-to-date information and the price of a pledge for each model. The deposit is an obligatory measure, as in the others car rental services.

In this case, we have an individual approach to everyone:  the client will have an interview with the manager of our company, who will approve or no, the candidate capability to rent a car.  In some cases, this option gives the good chances of the satisfactory answer for those who are younger than 22 and have less than 2 years of driving experience.

Yes, you may. But with the condition that you will take only the routes in good shape. You can see the list of the approved and prohibited routes at our office or by contact phones on our website.

Yes, it is possible, if we have the provisional arrangement. If necessary, we work 24 hours a day.

On our website, you can book a desirable car online. We prepared for you the step-by-step instruction:

1. Choose the necessary car on our website in the section “Our CARS”. For this purpose choose the city in which it is more convenient to you to take the car — Kherson, Nikolaev or Odessa;

2. The car you want can be already booked for the necessary day, so, do not forget to check it.  There are 5 ways to do it:

— contact the company manager by phones pointed out on the website;

— apply the request form on the website with your actual contact information and we will contact you;

— write to us by e-mail: office@catcar.com.ua;

— send a message via Viber or WhatsApp:  +380938990087 and +380665961657;

— contact us directly using the online chat on the website.

You need to let us know by any suitable way. After the mutual approvement,  it will be necessary to pay for additional days of a hiring. The tariffs are specified on the website. You may pay with any preferable way:

— in cash, in one of three branches of the company;

— by bank transfer on the card;

— via the website in the section “PAYMENT”;

— or after car returning to the service, if you prolonged the term of renting up to 3 days.

You have to give a notice not later than in one day prior to car delivery. Rent of a car is recalculated, according to the number of days which you passed and the difference completely returns to the client.

As soon as you decide that a booked car is not necessary already, you should give us a notice. There are several ways to cancel your order:

— to contact the manager of the company (the phone numbers are on the website);

—  write to us an e-mail: office@catcar.com.ua;

— message us via Viber or WhatsApp: +380938990087 or +380665961657;

— using the online chat on the website.

The daily limit of a run makes 300 km. The total mileage is calculated this way: the number of days of a rent is multiplied by 300 km  and we receive the general limit of a run. Everything that is above the general limit, is paid additionally 1 UAH for each kilometer.

For example, if you take a car for 10 days – the general limit of a run makes 3000 km., but you passed 3500 km. So, you pay additionly 500 UAH for exceeding of a limit of a run.

The car delivery to the certain place is a paid service. The price is individual and depends on the address of delivery. All around the city it will cost a symbolical 100-200 UAH. The amount increases depending on a distance from the service to a designated place.

Yes, sure, such a service is paid additionally, the cost is only 100 UAH!

Theoretically, it can happen to any car. We try to minimize the probability of such event with a systematic inspection and maintenance of our cars. The first thing you should do in such situation is to notify us about a breakdown, and we will try to solve this problem very fast! If the trouble occurred in the place we can reach, our specialists will arrive and try to fix problems as soon as possible. If the problem couldn’t be solved quickly, we will give you another car and you will go further until we repair the rented car and change it back.

If our employees can’t arrive at the necessary time, you may visit the nearest repair shop. You will need to save all the bills and documents from the service center. We will make compensation for the breakdown. Repair of the vehicle is fully paid by the owner. The owner doesn’t pay for the repair if breakage has happened because of the renter, for example:

— you have caught a pothole during the movement: in this situation renter pays;

— if you have problems with a wheel or tire blow-out;

— you have used a bad quality petrol or even mixed up the type of petrol and it caused a breakdown.

1. First thing is to call us and tell the details.

2. Second, is to call the police: “to dial number 102” and to make out documents of road accident according to the insurance type, if it is necessary and the owner and renter have it agreed. There are no significant accidents which could be regularized without police.

3. In a case you want to receive a payment due to your insurance, you need to follow all the procedure details and requirements of the insurance company. Moreover, we are always to your service regarding any questions with assurance company.