Car rent service CATCAR works for you every day without days off in Kherson. As we have our own repair shop – we give for rent, only serviceable and reliable cars which systematically have a technical inspection.


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Аренда авто во время ремонта
Car Rental When Your Car is Being Repaired

Being used to drive your own car around the city for a long time, you may feel uncomfortable using public transport or even a taxi. However, any car needs repairs once in a while, which can last quite a long time. It is also a common situation when there is a long pause between selling...

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Автоматизация трафика автомобилей
All Vehicles in the Cities Will Be Automated…

According to the reports of a large consulting company PwC, artificial intelligence will greatly change life worldwide in the next two decades. Among the analyzed industries, the transportation one showed significant positive changes. By 2040, public transport will become autonomous, and 26% of all cars produced will be self-driving. Artificial...

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Каршеринг Getmancar
The First and Only Car-Sharing Service in Kiev

A new car-sharing service called GetmanCar was introduced to the capital of Ukraine in January 2018. At the moment, there are a hundred of Ravon R2 cars, produced by Uzbek brand, in the fleet of the new company. Also, there are several Skoda Fabia. The prospects for the development of this enterprise are rather tempting,...

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Каршеринговый проект General Motors
General Motors Launches New Car-Sharing Project

Starting this summer, General Motors launches a new pilot project for short-term car rental. The idea will be implemented on the basis of the previously launched car-sharing service called Maven. The platform will be functioning according to the principles of lodging-rental service Airbnb, aiming to establish direct contact between a renter and an...

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Car rental in Kherson

CATCAR car rental brings to your notice a comfortable service – car rent in Kherson and in Kherson region. Car rental is a modern service, which any citizen or tourist may need. It is a fast and safe way to get to the necessary destination with comfort, to resolve all the intended matters in time, without restricting your freedom of movement. On our website you can find a list of cars of different kinds with both manual and automatic gearboxes, among which you can choose a variant that suits you best for sure. Car rental in Kherson from CATCAR is convenient: it takes few minutes to start using the service, because a client is to submit a minimal set of documents — identity card and driver’s license.

In order to rent a car in Kherson you can visit us at the address: 150 Ladychuka Str., or call our managers: +380 (97) 899 00 87; +380 (95) 899 00 87;
+380 (93) 899 00 87.

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