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Lexus RX 400h – A premium Class Car in Our CATCAR Fleet

A New Addition to Our Fleet – Lexus RX 400h!

Premium class models are in demand as well as economy cars. Customers usually rent them literally for a day just for important events, for instance, meeting guests and business partners, weddings, children’s birthday parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties. Such a motorcade should bring delight and admiration. You can experience these emotions and feelings by looking at Lexus RX 400h. It is a luxury SUV, featuring a special comfort and safety. The elegant car interior is covered with leather; the silvery smooth curves on the car body are eye-catching to passers-by. Renting a Lexus RX 400h speaks of a person’s impeccable taste and financial well-being.

Rent a car at CATCAR – even Lexus is affordable!

There are a lot of Japanese in our fleet and Lexus RX 400h has its place of honor. It has excellent acoustics and an improved security system. Thanks to its specifications, it is suitable not only for driving in the city but also for traveling to the suburbs and even abroad! Lexus has the following specifications:

  • A 3.0-liter engine;
  • Air conditioning and climate control system;
  • Tank capacity is 70 liters;
  • Type of fuel is petrol;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • The number of seats is 5.

Enjoy driving luxury premium class cars thanks to CATCAR!