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Meeting Of The Giants The UUL Held a Meeting For The Heads Of Car Rental Companies

Big players meet to make car rental more affordable

The Ukrainian Union of Lessors (UUL) held a meeting for company’s management of the largest car rental enterprises in the country. Among the participants was Stanislav Lutskovich, a chairman of the International Car Rental Association (ICRA).

There were also directors of such car rental companies like Avis, Europcar, Sext, BLS, and others.

Car Rental Will Be Regulated On a New Level

The long-lasting and painstaking negotiations resulted in establishing the committee of car rental organizations. It is founded on the basis of the Union of Lessors. Its main goal will be to improve the old laws and make new ones within a legal framework of rental companies. As it is known, the legislative framework regarding car rental in Ukraine has lots of gaps and disparities. The formed committee will also deal with the following issues:

  • making sure there are parking lots for rental cars in all Ukrainian airports;
  • tightening up the obligations for a delayed car delivery within a specified time;
  • redirecting fines for traffic violations from the owner to customers.

This type of cooperation between car rental companies is very productive and, from now on, it will be a systematic process for doing business.