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Car rent service CATCAR works for you every day without days off in Nikolaev. As we have our own repair shop – we give for rent, only serviceable and reliable cars which systematically have a technical inspection.


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Украинский климат
Climate of Ukraine: it is useful to know…

The temperate continental climate with an obviously expressed seasons is proper to the most part of Ukraine. Some areas of the southern region are close to subtropical climate. The geographical location influences strongly the temperature and behavior of weather: traditionally the northwest part of the country assumes damp cyclones and...

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Особенности ПДД в Украине
Peculiarities of traffic regulations in Ukraine

If you are not the citizen of Ukraine and want to hire the car for the first time, we recommend you to get acquainted with this article. Traffic regulations and driving in Ukraine have its own features which need to be considered for simplification of the ride. In order to not turn the first experience...

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Культурные достопримечательности Одессы
Southern Ukraine – the treasury of cultural and…

You are planning to have a trip along the seaside of Black Sea but you don’t know where to go? It is a typical situation considering the low level of marketing activity in tour companies. But believe, just in Odessa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson you may spend the entire season contemplating amazing miracles of culture and...

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Памятка иностранным туристам в Украине
Checklist for tourists in Ukraine: Customs and Car…

Every year Ukraine attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The country has a rich history, ancient cities with architectural monuments and unique natural wonders. It would be difficult to see all of them even in a month. But nevertheless, with a careful organization, it is possible to get an absolute pleasure from...

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Car rental in Nikolayev

You can also use this service of car rent in Nikolayev. Car for rent is much more preferential than taxi, and you do not have to worry whether it will come in time. It is advantageous and cost-efficient for you to work with us. All the documents are prepared by us in advance. You can always count upon a car to be at your service at the time you need.

Since the first day of operation, CATCAR Company has been running a car rent business in Nikolayev. Renting a car is a very convenient procedure and does not take much time. To rent a car you can use our online order form or you can get professional advice on any additional questions concerning car rent by reaching us at: +380 (97) 899 00 87; +380 (95) 899 00 87; +380 (93) 899 00 87. You can find us in Nikolayev at the address: Elektronna St., 83Zh office №7

For all our regular customers the expression “car rental” is a synonym of CATCAR Company. Car rent in Kherson and Nikolayev is a quick and affordable service for every customer.

г. Николаев, Одесское шоссе 7