Car rent service CATCAR works for you every day without days off in Nikolaev. As we have our own repair shop – we give for rent, only serviceable and reliable cars which systematically have a technical inspection.


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Прием и сдача авто в каршеринге
How does the control of the car state…

Carsharing is a service based more on trust between the company and the consumer than on a strict postulate of the rules that both sides of the contract must observe. For this reason, almost all operations are performed remotely when renting a...

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Выбор авто напрокат
What kind of a car can I take…

Nowadays, one of the most popular companies that provide their services in the field of carsharing in Ukraine is Getmancar. In fact, the era of carsharing in our country started with this company, which allowed residents of the Dnipro, Kiev, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Kharkov, Vinnytsia and Odessa to enjoy all the advantages of a modern renting...

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Преимущества каршеринга
What profit can you get from carsharing in…

The service of carsharing is a very profitable investment to your own comfort. In this article, we will explain what are the main benefits and advantages of using the service through the example of the first Ukrainian carsharing...

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Территория использования автомобилей взятых в аренду
Where is it possible to use a rented…

Probably the biggest drawback of the carsharing is the limit of the zones of using. When you rent a car in a standard service you follow clear instructions, where the car should be left.  Moreover, representative offices of such companies can be found in almost every city of...

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Car rental in Nikolayev

You can also use this service of car rent in Nikolayev. Car for rent is much more preferential than taxi, and you do not have to worry whether it will come in time. It is advantageous and cost-efficient for you to work with us. All the documents are prepared by us in advance. You can always count upon a car to be at your service at the time you need.

Since the first day of operation, CATCAR Company has been running a car rent business in Nikolayev. Renting a car is a very convenient procedure and does not take much time. To rent a car you can use our online order form or you can get professional advice on any additional questions concerning car rent by reaching us at: +380 (97) 899 00 87; +380 (95) 899 00 87; +380 (93) 899 00 87. You can find us in Nikolayev at the address: Elektronna St., 83Zh office №7

For all our regular customers the expression “car rental” is a synonym of CATCAR Company. Car rent in Kherson and Nikolayev is a quick and affordable service for every customer.

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