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Car renting for a month

Прокат авто на месяц в Одессе

Rent of a car for a month – reliable transport, comfort of movement, the affordable price

Rent of a car for a month in Mykolaiv is a long-term service for drivers who don’t want to lose mobility and need to be active always. Renting a car for the long term, car enthusiasts are especially exacting to the vehicle which will be their satellite for 30 days. Choosing “an iron horse”, drivers consider car hardware, the external appearance, prestigiousness of brand, configuration, year of release, lifetime mileage.

To correspond to wishes of drivers with different preferences, the CATCAR company provides a car-rental for a month in Mykolaiv, offering a wide range of models: Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, Volkswagen, Daewoo and other world carmakers. Thanks to regular inspections and maintenance, “inside” and appearance of transport are in perfect state, therefore, you can be sure: the car brings you to any place, will emphasize your status, will help you to be mobile.

What advantages are provided by car renting for a month?

1. Long car-rental costs much cheaper, than rent for a day or several days, this saves the budget of the car lover.
2.The procedure of service drawing up doesn’t demand a long time: it is necessary to show the identity card and the driver’s license only.
3.The pledge sum – is the minimal one and depends on the chosen car: its class, configuration, model.
4.Within a month you protect yourself from worriment about late coming taxis and public transportation, so, will have full freedom of movement with a rented car.

If you are looking for renting a car for a month choose the model to your taste, leave the online request, call by phone or come to our office.