We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.

Rent a car without a driver

Rent a car without a driver in Mykolaiv – create a comfort and feel freedom of movement

Renting a car without a driver in Mykolaiv helps citizens and guests of this city to correspond to its fast rhythm,  without changing a usual life while their cars are in repair shops or they arrived at Mykolaiv for a business trip. As a car purchasing, as a renting, it is a very important thing, because you need to be completely sure that the car is working perfectly and you will have a great pleasure while driving. Moreover, the car should be to your taste and preferences.

The CATCAR company always takes care of the clients and keeps an eye on trends to make our service the best one. That is why we offer a great variety of modern, reliable vehicles for any taste: from luxury category Lexus to the economy and comfortable Daewoos, Renault, Chevrolet. All the vehicles are in good technical condition, have a small lifetime mileage, young “age”, and are insured in the best insurance companies.

These are benefits of renting a car without a driver:

  1. The acceptable cost which depends on the term of renting a car, brand and configuration;
  2. you may rent a car for any period of time (from a one day to a month and even more);
  3. registration of this service excludes bureaucratic formalities: it is necessary to leave a pledge, and have a driver’s licenses and the identity card;
  4. the procedure of a car renting will not take a lot of time; we made it as fast as possible for your comfort. So, just spend a couple of minutes to feel yourself independent of taxi services and public transport.

If you arrived at our city on a business trip,  if your personal car is broken or you can’t stand to depend on external circumstances anymore, rent a car without a driver in Mykolaiv. To use the service, leave the request on the website, call by phone and come to take the car.