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“No” to chaotic parking: innovations in the Ukrainian legislation system

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine seriously undertook a problem of enormous traffic of city roads. The innovation is provided to make rules of the parking on streets of Ukraine more strict. Now the police will have the right to evacuate the car if you left it in forbidden place and to write out a serious penalty.

You came, and there wasn’t a car

Not so long ago the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law under number 5364. The main points of the law are the possibility of car evacuation of irresponsible drivers and fining of the “parking junkhole” who violate conditions on paid parking.

So, if you rent a car or use personal and left in a 30-meter zone near a public transport stops, closer than 10 meters from the crosswalk or the place of repair works or in case your car prevents the oncoming traffic, is on the railway ways, the bridge or in some other places stated in the law, the police can freely evacuate it. The message will come via SMS or e-mail.

The car owner will be able to return his property only after a full payment of penalties, services of the tow truck and a payment for storage of the car on an impound lot. Inspectors will have to capture all manipulations with the camera and note in the penal resolution.

Pay now or will pay in 20 times more later

Heavy charges expect the owners of a car who ignored rules of paid parking:

  • people’s deputies decided to raise a charge for violators of rules of paid parking. Now the charge is 20 hourly payments;
  •  if a car owner is parking on the places for disabled people or exempts and if this person hasn’t a paperwork to approve special status, he or she must pay a penalty of 30 hours price of the service.

In case of traffic blocking or creation of emergencies besides the police officers, you may be penalized by municipal inspectors. It is obligatory to make payment using electronic form only because all the actions are official documented. The cities are free to create such services.

Discounts and guarantees

The law contains some discounts for violators and guarantees for obtaining resolutions. So inspectors have to leave the copy of the written-out penalty on a windshield and make a video. The offender will receive a discount of 50% if he pays the penalty within 10 bank days.