We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.

Service of car delivery to the address in Odessa

Подача авто по адресу в Одессе

Service for the tourists and the citizens: car delivery to the required address in Odessa

Modern life in the city demands mobility and systematicity. Whether it be usual affairs ( home – school – work – school – home, or a planned shopping) or, perhaps, business meetings with the clients, you need to do it on time to not be late and cause inconveniences to the others. So, you will be in need of your own vehicle. In the case, you have no your own car it is always possible to use special services of car rental CATCAR.

Conditions of receiving a car

We created the European level of car renting services on the Southern coast of Ukraine. Whether you book a car in advance or call us right now, you will receive high-quality service and the fast solution of any question.

We have a service: “Delivery of the car to the address in Odessa”, after ordering this service you will receive the car to the pointed address at the necessary time, whether it be an airport, bus station or your home address. IT is very convenient for the business people who used to have the working hours in business trips and meetings.

To rent a car, you have to:

  • have a driver’s experience more than 2 years;
  • be more than 21 years old;
  • have the car driver license;
  • not to have problems with the law at the time of renting a car;
  • have a necessary sum for a deposit.

You may order a driver and a booster seat just note it additionally in your request.

How to make the order for delivery a car to the in Odessa

Call us or use a request form on our website to rent a car with delivery to the necessary place for not driving to the office. The manager will write down your wishes, will specify the time and the place where it will be necessary to transfer the rented car.

Delivering a car to the client in Odessa will take a few minutes in the CATCAR service.  You can depend on us in any family, business and tourist matters.