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Peculiarities of renting a car abroad

A car is the most comfortable mean of transport when you are abroad and traveling along. Of course, a lot of countries have super speed trains or extended systems of bus transportation.  But isn’t better to be independent and sure that you lose a bus? Anytime you want you may go anywhere. Moreover, almost all countries of the world have services where to rent a car directly at the railway station or airport.

These companies have offices in the centers of big cities.  The most important is to choose a famous and reliable company for minimizing risks as it is possible and removing fairs connected with car renting.

How to choose a car for hire?

The huge car rental companies have web sites where a car fleet presented. We advise to hire a car beforehand, it is a guarantee that your car is waiting for you when you come to take it.  Plus you can check if a car is available for a concrete date, find out if there is some special requirements or additional conditions.  For example, the most frequent demand is full gas tank after returning. If you didn’t book a car in advance you may choose any of available.

Car rent is not expensive!

The cost of hiring a car depends on a class of chosen car. The cheapest are European mini cars for two seats. The more days you use it, the less cost you pay. Keep in mind that there are some nuances in different states. Greece, Portugal, and Great Britain raise prices for moving to popular touristic regions.  If we don’t take these listed countries, the average price in the world varies from $20 to $500 per day. Additionally, you will pay for petrol, toll roads, insurance, and usage of GPS (but practice shows that phone apps are sufficient for traveling).  Note that sometimes there is a restriction for mileage. All items are included in the agreement and should be discussed.  There is one more significant moment. You will be asked to leave a determined amount, which established considering a class and car model.  The way of doing that is blocking money on your credit card. After car returning you card is unfrozen. It may take up to 20 days.

Who can rent a car?

Actually, everyone can do it! There are no any special limitations. But in Italy exists 17€ of a duty for driver’s age. It means, if you are younger than 25 you will pay extra money for every day of rent. Driving experience doesn’t matter here.  But it is important in Greece and Cyprus. In Bulgaria and Portugal, there is no any extra fee but you will take a car if only you are 22 and 21 years old respectively.

And now about serious things

To rent a car you need:

  1. International passport
  2. Driving license

The second position has some specifications. Now it is possible to receive an international driving license with a limited term of using.  But a lot of us still using paper laminated documents received in the 1990s. We do not recommend renting a car using this license, but you can drive your own car on the territory of Europe Union, why not? Checked by tourists!  By the way, changing the old license to new is not an obligatory requirement.  Before hiring a car it is necessary to learn Traffic code and road signs of a country you go to. As a rule, there are some differences. That is why our drives are confused sometimes and may have an accident.  Forewarned is forearmed. Do not forget about the most significant detail  – left-handed traffic. Japan, Great Britain, and its ex-colonies still follow this tradition, so be attentive.

The agreement about car hire:  what you should note there

An agreement is your main document which protects you from hidden payments and disadvantageous conditions. Read it overall attentively and do not sign in a case of having any doubts. If an agreement is in a language you do not understand, demand an example in English. And then translate it yourself.  If a car has some damages it must be noted in the agreement. In this case, you may be assured that even a little scratch wouldn’t be included in your end bill.  But if a gas tank is empty when you return a car, you may get a charge. Remember that hired car is not your property. Be extremely careful, learn traffic rules and peruse an agreement and car renting abroad will be a pleasure for you.