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Прокат авто без водителя в Херсоне

Rent a car without a driver – feel the freedom of movement.

Renting a car without a driver in Kherson is a rational way of comfortable moving, successful solution of the planned tasks, also it’s an independence from taxi services and public transport. CATCAR company offers to rent the modern, comfortable cars that are regularly inspected and in perfect technical conditions. The wide range of models of leading car manufacturers in Europe, the USA, Asia meets all the requirements of customers with different financial preferences, as in terms of comfort as in technical equipment.

When is it advantageous to use a car rental without a driver?

To lease the car, it is necessary to have a driver’s licenses, show the document that proves your identity and then to register a deposit. The car rental service in Kherson will be the good choice in the following cases:

  • for the businessmen, who are visiting the city for the business trips and who need to resolve working issues quickly,  to meet business partners, to visit business events;
  • for families: to execute all the affairs which have been collected during the week and to have a rest with children, to go to a supermarket to buy products, to go to the country for a picnic, to visit parents, friends, relatives;
  • for the tourists who came to Kherson to have a rest and want to visit the places of interest of the city and don’t wish to limit themselves in movement, counting on a public transport or taxi services;
  • car rental without a driver in Kherson will help out when your own car is broken, and current plans require the solution in the usual mode: to get to work, to bring children to a kindergarten, to drive to school.

To rent the car at the acceptable price and for any period, contact us, you can call by telephone and order the car of the necessary brand and configuration.