We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


Rent auto service – even more, better, more profitable

Every year the foreign people take more interest in Ukraine. They come here as tourists and entrepreneurs, actually they visit Kiev and other regions. For their commodity, it is more profitable to travel by plane and realize the further movement through the country by car. That is why the demand for auto rent has been increased by 68% for the last 5 months, and it is only among foreign people. Therefore, the Ukrainians began to use rent auto services only for 14%.

Eurovision: the expectation of rent auto didn’t come true

It would seem: the most widespread international event in Ukraine – Eurovision – had to be an occasion not only for music world but also for auto rental companies. But it was not to be. There wasn’t the expected desire to rent a car among visitants. According to experts, it depends on the location of contest – all took place in Kiev. So tourists didn’t have the necessity to hire the car in order to move through crowded roads.

“Otherwise, from the beginning of the season, the quantity of rental cars was increased in May and it prolonged till the end of October”, – said Haim Kapelnikov, the director of company Avis. It is auto rental company with branches all over the world.

Car rent: what auto models are the most famous?

Best of all, the autocars of economy class find a quick sale – for example Ford Fiesta which is included in A group. And the isn’t matter whatever it is an automatic or mechanical transmission.

Also, there are such famous groups like:

  • B (Volkswagen Polo)
  • E group (Volkswagen Golf 7 with automatic transmission);
  • representative cars of business class like Volkswagen Passat – F group
  • J – “luxe” category cars – Audi A6 or BMW 5-series
  • cars with full 4×4 operation (L). They are appropriate for long distance travels and cross-country drive, like Volkswagen Tiguan
  • also, M and P – these are more respectable cars like Audi Q7 and so on.

“The client books, not a concrete auto brand or model, but the group which consists of cars of the same class and characteristics only has different producers”, – explained Kapelnikov.

 The rental cost is not such high!

The auto rental cost is different. It begins with 30 c. u. per day. It can be autocar of the economy class. But if you want more respectable cars of “premium” category, they will vary from 150 till c. u. per day. Generally, the people take an auto for 12 days.

Anyway, the autocars are not single which the Ukrainians and visitors prefer. The light commercial vehicles like Ford Transit и Mercedes Sprinter are in requisition too. Also, there are services that offer to rent motorcycles, they are so actual at summer.

What is going to happen with auto rental further?

In 2016 the quantity of cars in car fleets of Union of Lessors was increased by 22% in total. A number of people who utilize cars was raised to 10%, people who rent the car – for 38%. Totally, there were signed more contracts for rent that in the 2015 year.

This year together with the accepting of visa-free regime everything may be improved. Generally, the Ukrainians rented auto abroad, now they have the possibility to take it using local companies.

Soon in Ukraine, there is planning to bring another type of rent – Time Sharing, in other words – hourly rent. Such type of rent contributes to the reducing of road traffic. And with the appearance of electromobile it will help forward the increasing of ecological compatibility of this service sector.