We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


Renting a vehicle for moving

Relocation is all about extra problems and worries, a long to-do list and almost equally long list of things not to forget. For a comfortable and quick moving to a new place, you need a right vehicle for all your furniture and personal things of every family member.

CATCAR offers services of its fleet for moving. Of course, we do not have vehicles like trucks, but you would definitely need a personal car to move your family. You would also need it for going back and forth to take all the things left or the bags that you forgot there. Car rental will not be pricey at all and will help to smoothly get over the process of making arrangements, doing all the necessary paperwork and will provide you with a required mobility while you are solving all the issues of moving into a new house, flat or office.

So, you should better rent vehicles for different purposes: a truck – for things, equipment and furniture and a car – just for yourself and for the comfort of your family and doing business.

The advantages of car rental:

  • Car rental for a long-term use. In case it happens that moving takes more days than planned – you will not have to worry about it or adapt to the work schedule of a taxi. By a rented car, you decide when and where to drive.
  • Driving long distances. The company allows drivers to use cars throughout Ukraine.
  • All the paperwork is done within a short time – it is undoubtedly a great advantage. The moving process should not be prolonged due to paperwork, so getting a rental car will take just a few hours.
  • The price for car rental services is rather low. It depends on a rental period, type of a car and on the tasks assigned to a vehicle.

As you can see, there are lots of positive aspects of renting a car for moving. Contact the CATCAR office and book a vehicle for a comfortable start of a new spiral of your life in a cozy and warm home.