Service – A driver for hire (Mykolaiv)

Прокат авто с водителем

Rent a car with a driver

The CATCAR company offers our clients to use a new service – rent a car with the driver in Mykolaiv. If there are some reasons why car renting is not good for you, just contact us and we will solve the problem. Our professional drivers know the city perfectly and have great experience working with the clients. At the same time, the price will pleasantly surprise you. You will understand that car-rental with the driver will cost cheaper, than the taxi, you will dispel the myth that rent of the car is only for rich people.

We think that the car renting with a driver in Mykolaiv may be interesting and suitable for those who:

  1. Travel over the city, but have no driver’s licenses or a necessary experience of driving.
  2. Have a lot of business meetings and are not familiar with the city.
  3. Are tired and want to rest while a driver does his job.
  4. Need to emphasize their social status.
  5. Are going to visit some event and suppose to drink the alcohol. The driver will bring you to the place, and then will drive home.
  6. Are newlyweds (with friends or family) who want to reach the places of photoshoots (marriage banquet or some other place) and then back away.
  7. Are in need to get the place as fast as possible but have no sense of direction.

The price for this service depends on time, therefore, it is the best of all to specify it with our managers. Rent of the car with the driver in Mykolaiv it is not only convenient but also available to everyone.