A car serves exclusively for moving with comfort. In the rhythm of a modern city it is pretty difficult to combine the concept of coziness and public transport, especially when it comes to planned visits to several places within short period of time. Delivery of a car to a certain address is a service to easily solve such kind of problems. It is vitally important for businessmen, those engaged into working and business trips, travelling and even recreational activities.

Delivery of a car to the address starts after your application. Service means quick and timely response to client’s request — you will not be tortured by long wait. You can plan time and route beforehand. For example, you can order car delivery to an airport at your arrival and then enjoy an opportunity to move freely through the city and not to worry that you cannot get to some place in time.

To order a car to be delivered to your desired address you do not have to make much effort. Express your wishes concerning time, brand, kind, and capacity of a car, and after that appoint a time, date and place where you wish to get it. All that will be required from you is a minimal set of documents and payment processed via your desired payment method. After this simple procedure you can be sure that the vehicle will be waiting for you at the required address.