We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


To rent a car is a nowadays trend

Nowadays the car renting is a popular and fast-growing service. A car is a comfortable transport for a business trip and it will improve you presentable appearance. You may use it for different kinds of events: wedding, graduation etc. If you are a tourist and willing to see the places of interest, a rented vehicle is the best to move wherever without waiting for a public transport.

Given the vertiginous rhythm of contemporary life, it is difficult to avoid using automobile transportation because of numerous advantages, which it possesses. Nowadays, a car is not a luxury good anymore, but still, not everyone can afford to buy a personal car.  But even you have a private transport it may break down some day. In such situations, a car hire is a pretty good way out.

What you need to know about renting a car

Dozens of modern companies are specializing in the sphere of car rental. The majority of clients prefer a mix of high-level professionalism and quality services. That is why they rent CATCAR cars. The company offers a wide range of secure cars of different classes and the most favorable terms. Every machine passes the technical checking, so any unexpected breakdown is excluded.

If you want to rent a particular car, you need to book it in plenty of time. On the official site of CATCAR, there is the special column for reservation and you easily book a car for any date you want. The other way is to call the numbers pointed on the site.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

  • Passport of private person;
  • VAT identification number  (for Ukrainians)
  • Credit card
  • Driver License (the date should be in Latin characters)

You should be older than 21 and have at least 2 years of driving experience to take car rental services.

Car hiring and some additional options

CATCAR as other similar services has a lot of extra options to make its client feel comfortable using any kind of offered assistance. For example, you may order a child safety seat or navigation system.

If for some reason you are looking for a car with a driver, you may order this service without any obstacles but will pay the additional price. It is possible to rent a transport with limited lifetime mileage. On holidays and night time the price for renting is increasing.

What makes CATCAR the best fit for a car renting?  It is keeping agreement and doing all possible to afford pleasure to its clients.