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There are more than 350 thousand diesel cars on the huge parking lots of Volkswagen and AUDI

Incredibly, but the VW company bought more than 350 000 American diesel cars from owners and now keeps them on special parkings and takes care of them.

Volkswagen’s expenses on buying up of cars

Volkswagen AG spent nearly 7,5 billion dollars to buy diesel cars because of a scandal about the understatement of atmospheric emissions. The company rented the unimaginable areas for the creation of parking places and chose the most unusual ones. These are not settlers, not the cemetery of the utilized cars, but quite controlled territories. All the cars are supported in a good state and prepared for resale. Representatives of Volkswagen said that it will be possible just after all the questions with the government of the US are resolved.
The corporation spent over 25 billion dollars for buying up of the cars from private, corporate owners and dealers from different states of the country. Only small part of them already is under reconstruction – only 13 000 cars. A little bit more than 28000 were reclaimed.

Where are the reconstructed cars now?

The concern chose the most unusual places for storage of a huge number of working cars as:

  •  the territory of the former paper-mill in Minnesota;
  • the abandoned stadium in Detroit;
  • the most unusual of possible storages is a training area in the territory of the desert near Victorville in California. It is the biggest parking of new cars in the world – accurate ranks store thousands of almost new diesel VW and Audi.

The representative of Volkswagen corporation Jean Dginnivan said that very soon all cars can get to car showrooms of America or will be exported to the markets of other countries.

Perhaps, in the nearest future, we get a lot of VW and Audi of the American production because in countries of Western Europe ” diesel cars” are not popular.