We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


They wrote about CATCAR company in some reputed media sources: “Typical kherson” and “kherson news”!

The known Kherson media source “Typical Kherson” published material about our company CATCAR. Quoting: CATCAR car rental company in Kherson offers a large variety of reliable cars of different types for favorable price for rent. Moreover, the paperwork of rent takes only 15 minutes. All the cars of the car rent go through technical maintenance and have certificate of insurance (OSAGO – compulsory insurance of civil and legal responsibility). “In CATCAR you can take a vehicle for rent for 1 day and for a long-term use any time, even with a driver”, – explain in the “Typical Kherson”.

If you need a car, you can take it for rent at CATCAR company, — as reports information media “Kherson News”. In this company you can rent a vehicle for short and long time. Such service may be of need for residents of the city and newly arrived individuals. “The convenience of cooperation with CATCAR company is that you get a car to the required address time at the appointed time, and you are not restricted in your movement around the city or Ukraine”, — they say at “Kherson News”.