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Car renting:  Forewarned is forearmed

Car renting:  Forewarned is forearmed

The car rental business in Ukraine rises to a new level. After visa process simplification with EU, the roads to East have opened for Ukrainians and foreign companies received perspectives to enter our market. The same we can refer to car hiring sphere.  Worldwide famous companies, as EuropCar, don’t seem as distant as were. And Ukrainian companies are very close. Not only in Kyiv but around the entire country car rental services are opening. They offer cars for a trip around a city or for abroad. It is so nice that government doesn’t influence on this sphere. In Greece, for example, the state treasury receives incomes from giving police cars to be hired. It is difficult to imagine the reaction of capital inhabitants if police on Toyota Prius goes to have a fun despite keeping the peace. That is why it is very important to choose the right company for car renting and follow our advice which is below.

Car rent in Ukraine: what, at whom, where?

If we start comparing the range of services of our car rental services, we will discover that they have them very standard. They offer us a car with or without a driver, hourly or daily, GPS system, booster seat for a child, execution of additional insurance with a possibility to add another driver, limitless permission for kilometers and lowered security deposit. The situation of offices is very evident. Besides the capital, the large cities are leading – Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro.  Small services of car hire are situated in every administrative center. Companies Hertz and Sixt have the most extended net of offices in Ukraine, every one of them holds 11.

How much does car rent cost?

The price for car rental services varies a lot on every Ukraine region. As in Europe, it depends on car class and amount of the days. The lowest prices have cars of economy class. It begins with 30 € and may rise to 90€. Theoretically, the price should decrease if you take a car for more than 2 days. That is why the most low-budget, appears company Europcar with 238€ per week. There are a lot of variants for a rent. The most important is to choose the best fit for your desires, necessities, and possibilities.

Our advice for successful car rent

Meanwhile, in Europe, car rental services are extended more than in Ukraine, and we may orientate their experience and rules. In our situation the more you know, the better you sleep. Let´s start:

  1. It is better to choose and book a car beforehand. You will take the one you liked but not that one which is available at the moment.
  2. Most of the rental services ask to pay using a credit card. After taking out money for a rent from a card, a security deposit is blocked and you will not be able to use this money before returning a car. An amount of security credit depends on a class of chosen car. Generally, it starts from 200-300€. There is a very small possibility to find a car rent where take cash.
  3. Additional insurance is not a way to make some extra money. Firstly, it is a care about clients’ security money. A lot of things may happen while you are using a rental car. Didn’t have an insurance, then pay full price.
  4. If you have never used mechanical transmission, than take a car with automatic transmission. This also refers to the point about renting beforehand.
  5. Peruse an agreement and do not sign if some item is not acceptable.
  6. When you are getting a car, pay attention to details. Fix all scratches, scuff marks and dents on a car. It is necessary to note them in an agreement to avoid paying for damages made by previous users.
  7. You should always have an agreement about rent, passport and driving license. Also, you may be prudent on the road with traffic police otherwise you will be blacklisted as dreadful highway lawbreaker.
  8. Smoking will be not welcomed. But if deny this advice just don’t leave stumps in a car interior. It can be charged.
  9. Do not forget to make clear mileage restriction per day. Every extra kilometer will cost additional payment. The same refers to a permissible area of moving. If it is forbidden to cross the borders of some region or state frontiers, do not cross them, as it will be noted by car owners at once. Do not risk!
  10. Check that gas tank is full when you are returning a car. And check on working hours. In days off car delivery may cost some extra fee.

Follow our advice and enjoy car rental services!