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What you cannot do after you rented a car

Renting a car means getting a personal vehicle for a certain period of time when it is still owned by a car rental company. The purpose of renting can be different – business trips around the country or abroad, tourism, traveling or moving to another place. Renting involves its own rules or prohibitions during the period of use. They are usually specified in a rental agreement.

What you cannot do with a rented car

Up to this day, most of the companies providing car rental stipulate the following restrictions:

  • You cannot use a rented car for the purpose of teaching someone to drive – It is forbidden to let someone drive who does not have a driving experience. Violating a rental agreement can lead to imposing fines.
  • Sub-renting a vehicle is also forbidden. All the obligations for maintaining the vehicle and its technical condition are imposed solely on a person who signed the rental agreement. Any transferring of the vehicle to a third party, including another driver, sub-renting, and putting a car up as a collateral – all of this is strictly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited by the agreement to exploit a rented car for private services, i.e. commercial activities (e.g. taxi services).
  • During using a temporary personal vehicle, renter must not put on a car any signs of advertising and offering services. The look of a car cannot be modified, including sticking and installing of decorative and/or promotional products.
  • It is prohibited by the current legislation to take part in various races as well as competitions. A rental car must be used according to the terms of an agreement.
  • It is unacceptable to tow other cars and install any towing equipment on a rental vehicle. The exceptions are the cases when it is agreed with employees of car rental company.

Under what circumstances can they refuse to rent you a car?

If a driver is under 21 years old and his driving experience is less than two years, an owner has the right at his discretion not to provide car rental services. Moreover, you need a driving license to conclude an agreement.

As you can see, a temporary vehicle rental involves a number of certain rules and obligations that are a must to follow to make the period of use convenient and beneficial, especially for you.