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Where is it possible to use a rented car?

Probably the biggest drawback of the carsharing is the limit of the zones of using. When you rent a car in a standard service you follow clear instructions, where the car should be left.  Moreover, representative offices of such companies can be found in almost every city of Ukraine. But carsharing is a relatively new service that is just evolving, and currently, cars can only be taken for traveling to certain areas, limited to the closest neighborhood to this or that city. If you are aiming for long distance trips, pay attention that Ukrainian companies haven’t such option for now.

It is worth regarding the fact that there are two unique terms in carsharing: “areas of a vehicle using” and “zones of start and end of the carsharing”. The first is the territory bounded by the large city where the provider of the services has settled and its surrounding areas. Here you can use the cars, but without going beyond the pre-agreed limits. For example, the route to Boryspil from Kiev does not belong to the city, but it is part of the adjacent territory – here you can use the car without fear of violating the terms of the lease. The second – these are the places where you can start and finish your trip. It means to leave the vehicle, wherever you like, is not working. The service of the carsharing clearly defines the borders where you can leave the vehicle and write-off the funds for its use.

Note that the company CATCAR today includes Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson, as well as nearby areas close to these major cities. Accordingly, going to the south of Ukraine, you can always use the service of quick rent of vehicles if necessary.