We work despite the quarantine! Security measures increased. All cars are desinfected before transferring to the client.


Who cannot rent a car and why?

A car rental company may not be ready to provide vehicles for use to its every customer. The following categories of people are “at risk” of receiving a rejection instead of a car:

  • Age and driving experience. A driver must be 21 years old and over and have a driving experience of 2 years, on the average. Novice drivers are at risk of getting into an emergency situation or a road accident. Therefore, age and driving experience requirements are so common. A number of companies make an exception and allow adults, who have a driver’s license, to rent a car for a double payment.
  • A driver’s license revocation. In case a person had a record of malicious traffic violations, there is no guarantee it will not happen again. The fact of a revoked driver’s license is a strong argument and serious reason for receiving a negative response to rent a car even for a short period of time.
  • Criminal prosecution and court trials. A company will not provide its services to individuals wanted or involved in litigations on the ground of a road accident.
  • Medical condition. Physical and mental diseases that can cause an emergency situation or a road accident are also a serious reason for being rejected to sign the rental agreement. Company’s employee can request a medical certificate of the customer on the grounds of which they will come either to a positive or negative conclusion.

CATCAR’s requirements to its customers are quite moderate. However, if you fall into any of these categories, chances of you receiving a rejection to rent a car even for a short period of time are quite big.